Hi, there!

We are a family of 11 heading out on the road to have an adventure together before our birds start leaving the nest. We will be chronicling our adventures here, so that our friends and family back home can follow along with us, and for new friends along the way. Several of us will be contributing to this blog, so this truly is our family blog.

As we were talking as a family about traveling around Latin America, the younger boys (ages 4 & 6) couldn’t really understand what we were doing, or why. I finally ended up telling them, “we’re going to be able to eat fresh fruit every day,” since produce is so inexpensive there compared to where we live now, and they got really excited about that.

When we began to tell our family and friends about this, our 6 year old would whisper in my ear, “did you tell them about fresh fruit every day?” And it kinda stuck. It was our family nickname for our upcoming adventure, so why not call the blog that?

A few introductions:

Jonathan- he’s our Papa Bear. He has worked hard and provided well for us, and will soon be enjoying “retirement” while all his children are still under one roof. He’s been the one who makes my dreams into reality. He’s an ENTP.

Anna- the mama of this family. I have had the privilege of staying home with my kids, getting to be their teacher and getting to know them intimately by being a part of their everyday lives. So blessed! I am doing my best to also be a support and friend to my husband. I’m an endless dreamer, and I am an ENFP.

Rebekah- our first born. She is understated, wise, dependable and compassionate. She has many talents. Always thinking ahead, she is usually prepared when someone inevitably needs something. She carries a quiet confidence that conceals her insecurities, being mature and determined not to allow them to hold her back. She has passion and aptitude for social media and communications. She’s an INFP, and she’s 17 years old.

Abbie- the passionate one. She loves fiercely, feels deeply and wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s artistic and creative and would sing constantly if no one would object. She’s an ESFP, and she’s 16 years old.

Ruth- she’s an enigma. Not easy to figure out, some people think they know exactly who she is, but she’s not that simple. She has a patience with the little ones, and a calmness with animals that gives comfort when it’s needed, coupled with a fierceness that demands respect. She is good with coming up with names for things and is quite the artist, as well. She’s an enneagram 9/1, and she’s 14 years old.

Caleb- he’s our tinker. He can stay lost in a book or project for long periods. He loves to learn and surprises me regularly with bits of trivia I never taught him. He’s an INTP, and he’s 13 years old.

Sarah- the baby whisperer. With her bubbly personality, she’s a shoe in with the little guys, but she isn’t only popular with the babies. She’s a ray of sunshine and optimism most of the time, but with a heart that loves so much, it isn’t always sunshine and roses. She’s an ENFP, and she’s 12 years old.

Esther- our very own star. One of my cuddlier kiddos, she can be quiet and thoughtful, but she also has a silly side. She’s a graceful dancer and loves to sing with her sisters. She’s 10 years old.

Naomi- she’s our sensitive, expressive one. Able to put her feelings and wonderings into words at a very early age, her insight into situations and people has always fascinated me. She also narrates our life with song. She’s 7 years old.

Ethan- the deep well. He is complex, but simple, enjoys a party, but is peaceful when he can spend time with someone one on one, he loves to snuggle, but ends up twirling before long; perceptive and empathic, he gets overstimulated easily, then acts impulsively, so his actions are often misunderstood. He’s 6 years old.

Aaron- the arrow. Or more like a whole display of fireworks, maybe..? He is delightful and was blessed with an extra dose of personality. He’s never known a stranger and always tells it how he sees it, right or wrong, friendly or unkind. He has a heart for adventure that scares me at times. My goal is to give him the tools he needs to have his adventures and make it out alive. He is 4 years old.

As a family, we all will talk at the same time, quote movie lines and song lyrics like a boss, and one could say at any given moment that someone will be laughing and someone will be crying, unless we’re all sleeping. We’re each individually unique, but we share a love for others and a desire to help heal the world, and a high value for honesty and integrity.

You will [get to] know [us] better hereafter.
(Movie line adaptation…)